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Are you a 40 plus individual? Finding it difficult to find a compatible partner who would stick by you through thick and thin? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. encompasses a list of the best dating websites for over 40 singles. Gone are the days when you had no other option than to live a life of solitude. These over 40 dating sites would not only help you find an ideal match but also ensure you communicate effectively.


There are oodles of 40 plus dating sites available on the web out of which very few have managed to prove their mettle in the highly competitive market. Finding the right website can certainly boost your chances of finding your perfect match. In order to simplify the process of dating, we have thoroughly assessed several websites and deduced a list of the top 5 dating sites for singles over 40.


All you need to do is check out these detailed reviews, determine which site suits you best and become a member on the website. Isn't it simple? In this way, you can focus on the critical aspect of dating viz. to impress your potential partner. The process of online 40 plus dating was never so simple, isn't it?


So, what are you waiting for? Read these reviews and give wings to your love life. Remember, age is just a number, just enjoy your romance of over 40 dating. If you're determined to find someone interesting, nothing in this world can stop you from doing so.


9,000,000 Verified Members

Visit Site

Being the world's most famous online matchmaker website, has gained the 1st spot on our list of the best 40 plus dating sites. As it is known to all, Match is one of the oldest and largest dating services currently active on the web. While many services came and disappeared over time, this site has managed to keep users engaged. The website operates in several countries all over the world and as a result of this it has a huge membership base. ...Read More >> | User Reviews >>

Highlights: If you don't find someone special in 6 months, you will get an additional 6 months free.
Verdict: A good social network for singles over 40 dating, chatting and killing time.


30,000,00 Verified Members

Visit Site bags the 2nd on our list of the best 40 plus dating sites. The website has a huge membership base of over 2.5 million users, three quarters (75%) of whom are quality over 40 singles, primarily comprising of top executives, Hollywood celebrities, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and models, among others. Established in as early as 2001, this is one of the first sites on the web that brought together middle-class singles...Read More >> | User Reviews >>

Highlights: As seen on Forbes, CNN, ABC, OCBS, The Wall Street Journal.
Verdict: Best over 40 dating site to build stable relationship between middle-class singles over 40.


3,000,000 Verified Members

Visit Site is unlike many other dating websites. One thing that makes it unique is that there are so many “elite” members. Some of the people that you can find here are doctors, lawyers, and even celebrities. Many of them are from age 35 to 55. Statistically speaking, 55% of the members are above the age of 40, making it an ideal choice for an over 40 dating site. It gains the 3rd spot in our top 5 over 40 dating sites. Curious why we picked this website ..Read More >> | User Reviews >>

Highlights: Online hub of "Elite" singles all over the world.
Verdict: Professional dating site for over 40 singles seeking long-term relationships and marriage.


2,800,000 Verified Members

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On our list of the best over 40 dating sites, we have ranked at the 4th position. This site has been designed exclusively for singles over 40 seeking an ideal match. As a matter of fact, the website doesn’t allow people below a certain age group in order to maintain its exclusivity and has a healthy membership base comprising of people over 45. If you're looking to connect with over 40 singles, is worth checking out. ..Read More >> | User Reviews >>

Highlights: SeniorMatch has been at the serve of online senior dating for over 14 years.
Verdict: Quality dating site for over 50 singles and over 40 singles seeking mature partners.


2,500,000 Verified Members

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Although not the biggest dating site for singles over 40, ranks high on the top choices for 40 plus dating sites. It has a wide reach all over the world, thanks to the support of the famous matchmaker community Friend Finder. The site also ensures that each user profile is as informative as it can be, making it easier for everyone to find someone to connect with. If you are a member, you can join... Read More >> | User Reviews >>

Highlights: Upload a video in your personal profile and view others' videos in their profiles.
Verdict: Fantastic over 40 dating sites for either stable relationships or casual hookups.

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