Today’s 40 Plus Singles – 1st, June

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40 plus single woman

Username: Yolo19742000 

Age: 41, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Fort Myers, FL, U.S

Seeking: Man, 40 to 62


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About Her: 

I am a very busy, fun, motivated, Beautiful positive woman! I am a hairstylist.. I love to travel and enjoy the healthier things in life. I live a very balanced peaceful life! I enjoy my friends and getting to know new people. I get along with almost anyone. I know what I like! I also know who I am. I am extremely honest and loyal. I live my life free of chaos from being so raw and real. I am very kind and I respect others. I love my children and have worked hard to give them a happy healthy life on my own. I enjoy socializing and going places! My ideal place to be is the beach or on an island! I am constantly educating myself on my favorite interest. I love to cook. I also love incredible restaurants! I play the piano and love artwork and fashion. I enjoy being physically fit! I am hoping someday to find someone that will be awesome to enjoy time with! I eventually want to be married. I have a vast concept of what a healthy relationship is and what it takes to make or break them! I am genuinely just a great person.

About Her Match: 

I am hoping to meet someone kind, nice , honest , also financially well off! Someone that has a healthy mindset and enjoys life! Someone fun.. Easy going and just NICE! I want to meet someone happy and likeminded! I believe physical attraction is important but I also know having a healthy mind body and spirit can outweigh most anything! I have children one still at home. I would like to get to meet someone as awesome as I am!!

gentleman over 40



Age: 44, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: London, England – London, U.K

Seeking: Woman, 30 to 59

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About Him:

Growing, evolving, unfolding, and expanding myself is how I view myself and life.Im ruthlessly optimistic ,(the glass is half full-even if broken and lying on its side) healthy, and endorphin-junkie.
For many years I’ve also been very much involved in all aspects of self development, empowerment and visionary pursuits. Practicing compassionate mindfulness meditation .im also very involved into Tantra and Kundalini awakening .Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual path. It utilizes the Chakra System and the merging of the feminine and masculine energies for awakening. The basic understanding is that sexual energy is sacred, that it is the seed of spiritual energy. The word “Tantra” in Sanskrit means “Expansion” or “Weaving.” It invites us to include everything, not to reject anything. The Tantric path is about saying “yes” to life
It allow me to push lots of boundaries to learn more about the world and live more fully. . I treasure authenticity and courage in people.
I am a creative, passionate and inquisitive man. I head a luxury company Im a gourmet with an insatiable passion for life, and it is expressed in everything I do

I am driven in life by passion for cultures and exotic lands.I ve been travelling all over the world for many years..
Once i knew that remnant tiger population numbering nearly 200 in Thailand ,i decided to launch a Tiger fondation across the Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex

About His Match:

“Lovers don’t finally
Meet somewhere
They’re in eachother
All along.”


40 plus single woman

Username: Brittal

Age: 42, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Boise, ID, U.S.

Seeking: Man, 35 to 55

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About Her:

About me.. Wow!! I look as fabulous in heels and I do in a white t-shirt and a baseball cap and I am completely comfortable in both.. I love my friends, my kids, live music and Boise..

About Her Match:

Right now I am looking for an energetic, fun, handsome companion… Hopefully enjoying new experiences and make phenomenal memories together…

rich single man over 40

Username: Reval1

Age: 47, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden 

Seeking: Woman. 28 to 35

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About Him:

Traveling is probably my main hobby. So lets meet for a coffee somewhere in the world 🙂 From Stockholm, Sweden. Owner and manager of an online/mobile advertising production agency. Since all our clients are in Western Europe and in the USA I travel extensively for work. I love to travel and see new places. But traveling for work, which has been my ”speciality” last ten years, is not the same as traveling for pleasure.

I also love to keep fit and go to gym 3-4 times a week. I read a lot, for example legal thrillers. I have humor, but let´s say mainly outside of work. At work on the other hand I am extremely focused and results oriented.

About His Match:

Probably the best advice I ever got about women was given to me by my grandmother; “whatever you do, find a woman with humor, otherwise your life will be boring”. Of course I also appreciate beautiful and intelligent women. However one thing I have learned with age is not to take things to serious. If you find me interesting so let´s meet. I can visit you, you can visit me or we can go to some “neutral” place somewhere else in the world. If the chemistry is there, great! If not, no biggie and you can enjoy the trip!

woman 40 plus


Username: Jacki0219  

Age: 40, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Las Vegas, NV, U.S

Seeking: Man, 40 to 55

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About Her 

I am a simple person. Naturally happy. Enjoy life. Witty. I respect others. My friends said that I am beautiful inside and out. I am not sure if that is true, but i certainly appreciate that 🙂 I don’t think writing a long paragraph would help you to know about me, so I just want to make it short. If you like to know more about me, we will chat.

About Her Match: 

I would like to meet someone is humble and down to earth. I trust my feeling. I believe Communication is the key in a relationship. Although sometime I m not the best communicator but please take the lead. I will open up myself more. I think and I like a man who like to be in charge but not bossy.