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Username: andreanicole 

Age: 46, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: La Jolla, CA, U.S

Seeking: Man, 42 to 60


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About Her: 

Friends describe me as fun, outgoing, athletic, intelligent, loyal, honest, and sweet…I am looking for a kind man who is ready for a lifetime relationship…

I care about children, and was the Event Chair for a fundraiser in La Jolla to benefit kids for the MEB Foundation (Meb won the Boston Marathon for the USA 2014!) and the Cannon Youth Projects (Nick Cannon’s charity). A lot of hard work and so rewarding! I also ran the NYC Marathon again to benefit Meb’s charity (Marathon #16 for me!). Giving back is important to me and would love to have a partner who is a participant in or very supportive of my passions.

I can fit into any social situation and converse with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have played classical piano for years, speak Spanish, and am well traveled. I like the finer things as well as the simplest, and am told I am very grounded.

About Her Match: 

Someone who is kind, emotionally and of course, financially secure (I am happy and very emotionally stable), and looking forward towards a long-term adventure and marriage… I am open and I know that great relationship is bound to happen between two people who are happy with themselves first, and have much to offer another.

I do not have children but have been missing that in my life. I would be very open to having a child/adopting, as that would be a decision we would both make together. If you have a child, I would prefer that they are younger, from 8-teens, and that you have a good relationship with their mother (I have over 13 years of experience with children so I understand young people very, very well); I would ask that you would welcome another loving adult in your child’s life. Also I want to disclose I just turned forty-eight (responses from much older men had me put a younger age. Most people guess that I am in my mid-late 30s).

Although I am not religious, I have a very strong belief in God and believe that all religions have something positive in them.

I am most attracted to Alpha/successful, outgoing, and romantic men….I am also outgoing, while caring, affectionate/sensual, feminine, and loving…

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Username: louimagnolia 

Age: 46, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: San Francisco, CA, U.S

Seeking: Man, 38 to 48

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About Her:

OMG this is an essay about me…I really think I look and sound much better in person but life is all about jumping through the hoops even with the silly dating service…anyhooo here is the blah blah about me. I was born and raised in the French concession of Shanghai China, moved to San Francisco during my formative years. I consider myself a Berkeley pseudo native, educated at Cal Berkeley and several others, Medical school on the east coast, residency in So Cal, USC, now work as an Internist( meaning specializes in internal medicine with focus of hospital and critical care medicine), as well as an ass. clinical medicine Professor, and consultant for Medical developemnt Co. I stay highly engaged in life by being fit, well traveled, passionate with my work, life and love. I am brutally honest, and extremely sarcastic, often silly and really enjoy the essense of being together for a life partner relationship.

About Her Match:

Where are the moderately intelligent, witty and decent looking men at????!!! I am hoping for a man whom I would feel at least some spark AKA chemistry, attraction when I first meet. I prefer to be with another physician or professional. I dig for a man with notion for Romance. Honesty and understanding is the foundation of a working relationship. a gentle giant physically and emotionally for me as his little woman will most certainly make an awesome life partner for me.

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Username: sparklegirl0527

Age: 41, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Saint Augustine, FL, U.S

Seeking: Man, 37 to 47

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About Her:

I am happy and successful. I have a great career and lots of things that keep me busy. I am well organized and very self- sufficient. I want to travel and have someone to do the fun things with. I don’t need someone to take care of me but I would like a fun, easy-going, successful and smart person who likes to have fun. I would love someone to join me on the journey. If you are adventurous, spontaneous and funny- well give me a wink or whatever this site lets you do. I am easy going but smart and driven. A little sarcasm and dry wit from me is expected so if you can’t take a joke – then don’t wink!! I like to do anything from outdoor athletics – golf, basketball, tennis to a fancy night out on the town to watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl!!!! (Yikes!). I love living in FL because I can be outside most of the year. And it’s just plain beautiful here. I love to cook and entertain at home (the Italian in me) and I love socializing with friends. Relaxing by my pool is one of my favorite past-times. If it works, it works. If not, then I met a new friend. All in all – it’s good. I’m very open-minded

About Her Match:

I want someone who is successful and likes to go out for a nice dinner. I love wine and would love someone to share the finer things in life. My favorite person would be a self confident, independent person who can make time for me when we both want to have fun. My perfect match is someone who is laid back but motivated and driven who can also find the time to pay attention to me.

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Username: riverhouse6675 

Age: 46, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: West Linn, OR, U.S

Seeking: Woman. 30 to 46

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About Him:

Honest hardworking I like the outdoors, fishing, boating, traveling to warm destinations, cooking, BBQ, Duck football and Trailblazers going out and trying new restaurants. I run the family business
that keeps me pretty busy.

About His Match:

Looking for that special connection!
Fun and good time to roll!

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Username: makeagreatfriend

Age: 48, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Maiden, NC, U.S

Seeking: Woman, 37 to 53

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About Him: 

I’m Roger how are you. To whom this may concern. I love life to its fullest. I’m a happy person an know who I am. When I play I play hard. I’m a big kid at heart. When it’s time to be serious I’m very good at being serious. I enjoy the very simple things in life like wandering around a flea market and just talking to all of the people. I believe a smile is contagious and it makes for great community service. I enjoy the outdoors roller coasters good food the beach mountains motorcycles cars and great music. I used to be a professional musician and I still enjoy playing. I love to cook and I enjoy doing my own yard work it relaxes me. I am a manly man but I’m not macho. I will cry with the best of them in a touching movie. Sometimes I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. And that comes from passion that lives inside of me . I’m very established. I don’t want for much but a partner. I truly want someone that wants me for me. I’m tired of being alone but I will not settle for just anyone. It has to be the right one. I’m not big into watching sports playing golf going hunting.The big kid in me likes Monopoly with the right person. But anything is great with the right person. I do love fast cars motorcycles and kayaking. Its just no fun doing them along. My businesses are established an I have some free time on my hands but I still have to work sometimes. I’m not politically correct or proper. I’m just me. I have no problem with holding my own with any level of person. I can fit in pretty much anywhere. I’m looking for someone that can be who they are and they are comfortable with their self. It has taken me my whole life just to know who I am and I’m happy with me. So I understand sometimes knowing who ones self is, is not the easiest thing. I’m truly looking for my best friend to enjoy life with . I believe a woman should be first in my life and God should be in the center. I’m ready to start this journey of life and know I will have a partner.

About His Match: 

Some one that I have chemistry with. Someone that is honest and faithful.Someone that knows who they are.Someone that wants to love as much as they want to be loved.Someone that takes care of her self physically and takes pride in her self.Someone that wants to understand me.Someone that is real and not fake. Someone that can look like a million dollars in blue jeans or 5000 dollar dress. Someone that tired of being alone and will not settle with just anyone. Someone that’s not afraid to play like children. Someone I can make feel special standing beside me and she can make me feel special stand beside her. Someone that’s not looking for a dates. Someone that’s lookin for a lifetime partner. Someone that enjoys life. Someone that knows that it’s more important to be happy than to be rich. Someone that knows it could be hard at times because sometimes relationships are hard but a good one is worth staying for. Someone that is loving without a selfish heart. Someone that likes their self. Are you that someone?