Dating At 40s – 5 Things You Should Know About Your Partner

things you should knowWhen getting into 40 plus dating, as it’s now known – you will find that one of the first things you need to get used to is that there is a lot more to learn about someone. Early dating in our late teens and early twenties has a lot mystique to it as there is only so much to learn about the person.

When it’s an adult, though? Someone who has far more previous history in relationships etc.? It’s important that you take the time needed to understand the difference between 40 plus singles and 20 plus singles!

Making sure that you know your partner well before you get to together and take it a bit more seriously is going to be very important. There are lots of little things to work out when dealing with a partner that you might not have considered in the long run that could cause serious problems, such as these five things:

Financial Position

The most important thing for many, how good are they with money? When you hire someone, you want them to be capable financially and able to actually manage themselves. At 40 plus dating circles you don’t want to be taking on someone who is still irresponsible financially; make sure they can be trusted with money as much as anything else.

Religious Faith

What kind of faith do they have? Many people today are staunchly religious, and seeing how you fit into those plans for the long-term is going to be very important to making sure that you are both compatible with one another in the first place. Take the time needed to understand their religious faith to help know just how far you might be able to go together.


Health condition and quality of life is vital – do they have any illnesses or conditions? Make sure you know about this stuff as it can be a major commitment to get into for over 40 dating plans when you find out the person has a very serious health condition holding them back in the first place!


For singles over 40, a key consideration is children; do they have any? Is this something that you need to consider or worry about? Can you handle the thought of children coming into your life again? How will you handle this problem moving forward? Work all of this out and you can really benefit in the long-term as it will help establish where your relationship stands.

Sexual Desires

Lastly, sexual desires are vital for singles over 40; you need to find out just how “active” they are in relation to your own libido, so discuss this quite quickly.