5 Characteristics of 40 Plus Singles

women over 40Dating is a challenge, whether you’re 16 or 61. It can take time to find someone who shares your interests, beliefs, and goals in life. It’s also important to find someone that you’re attracted to. It can be a big list to fill when you haven’t even gotten started yet. Fortunately, there are benefits of dating at the age of 40. This can be one of the best times in life to date.

Here are 5 characteristics of singles over 40.

  1. You don’t need to have the kids conversation. You’ve had your kids, and now you don’t need to worry about finding a partner who wants them, as their kids are older too. If you decided to never have kids, you figured that out long ago. Dating someone else without kids is also a non-issue, as you’ve already made your choice years ago.
  1. You’re both financially stable. Over 40 singles have usually been in their present careers for some time. They’ve built up a good income, complete with benefits and several weeks of vacation time. They have a vehicle too. There won’t be that awkwardness about who pays for the date, as each person can afford to buy those expensive theatre or concert tickets.
  1. men over 40Personality wins over looks. When you’re in your 40s, things start to wrinkle and sag a bit. But who cares? You’re confident in your own skin. You don’t wear as much makeup as you used to, or go to the gym every day. But you’re still the same fun loving person. Humor, kindness, and honesty will win out over looks, particular when you’re older. And who wants to date a mature single who still looks like 20? Perhaps they need to lay off the cosmetics a bit.
  1. You’re not so judgmental. Being judgmental when you were younger likely narrowed your horizons. As you became older, and more open to diversity, you realized that everyone is the same deep down inside. Everyone wants to be happy, and have peace in the world. Once you open yourself up to others, you’ll find that you make more friends, and just possibly, you may find the perfect match over 40 for you.
  1. You want to settle down. Your 20s and 30s are over, and now you’re tired of the endless partying, and backpacking across Europe. You’re ready to settle down, and find a special someone. You’ve decided that it’s time to buy a condo or house, instead of tossing your cash away. You don’t care if you never have another shot of tequila, or see a cigarette again. Chances are that you may have tried to settle down in your 20s, hence the kids, but now you’re ready to make it real this time round.

Dating over 40 partners can be more rewarding than at any other stage in your life. Singles in their 40s understand what they want. This is the best time of life to find a partner whose wants and needs will align with yours.