Dating at 40s: But You Don’t Want to Get Married Again

no marriage datingMature dating over 40 can be a fun experience. The kids are all grown up and working their first jobs. You’re on amicable ground with your ex. But now you want to find a mature companion so you can fill up your lonely nights and weekends. The problem is that many over 40 singles don’t wish to get married again, and you may feel that way too.

Is it possible to meet other single men or women who may be interested in dating and companionship, but who are not interested in getting married? It certainly is possible. Today, couples don’t need to get married. In the past they did, because morals of the time demanded it. They also needed to live in families to survive, as often only the male would continue working after marriage.

There are so many different lifestyles today. People are married but live apart, people live together without being married. There are many celebrities in the news who have gotten married after being 30 or 40 years together, but many never do. It’s certainly possible to find like-minded people to date, just like yourself.

The reasons for never marrying again may be numerous. Perhaps you lost a lot of money in alimony payments, or lost your house. Maybe living together just wasn’t for you. Perhaps you’re planning on moving to another city so you don’t want to be tied down.

But just because someone isn’t interested in being married doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in a monogamous and permanent relationship.

The first step is to always be forward with your wishes. It isn’t fair to other over 40 singles who are eager to marry the right one. Of course there are many people who say marriage isn’t necessary, but they’ll marry the right one, if he or she comes along.

If you’re dead set on never getting married again, be sure it’s mentioned before you get to that romantic part of the relationship. If you’re still willing to be monogamous and are seeking a permanent sort of relationship, then let your dates know that too.

mature dating over 40If you merely want to date for fun, let that show in your dating profile. Of course you’ll want to be careful that you’re not attracting the wrong sort of person, because your profile makes it sound like all you want is sex. So, you’ll want to ensure your profile reflects exactly what type of person or people you’re searching for.

You may feel discouraged and think that there is no one out there for you. But there is. You just have to find them first. Online dating may help you to connect with someone faster. You can begin with interests, and then take it from there.

Mature dating over 40 can be a daunting experience, but it also can be fun and rewarding too. The more effort you put into it, the greater the chances that you’ll meet someone amazing to date.

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