Most Common Dating Profile Mistakes that 40 Plus Women Make

women profile mistakesIs dating over 40 proving to be a demanding task for you? Are your dating profiles on leading over 40 dating sites able to grab the attention of couch potatoes and those looking for some action? If so, it is likely that you’re making one of the mistakes that mature women make while creating a dating profile.

Experts believe that it takes just one mistake to potentially ruin your chances of finding a date online. Let’s accept it, as women get older, the man-to-woman ratio diminishes. According to a study, for every man over 50, there are 5 women and in case of a 60 plus man, the number reaches a whopping 10 women. This is certainly not good news for those looking to date in their 40s and 50s.

If you want to be noticed, it is important to create an effective profile that would boost your chances of landing the right person. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while creating an online dating profile:

Your profile shows you’re desperate: Desperation can be your worst enemy when it comes to creating a good online dating profile. Statements such as “I’ve waited for the right person for several years and hope the wait isn’t very long”, “I’m looking for a relationship where we are truly devoted to each other” would give the wrong impression.

It’s too boring: Don’t write generic or common things on your profile. Something like “I love reading books and listening to good music” would never be enough to grab the attention of a potential partner. Instead, be more specific and write something that describes you in the best way. You could refer to your hangout places, your hobbies and where someone could find you on a Friday evening (a little bit of flirting certainly wouldn’t do wrong).

Don’t be negative or serious: The purpose of your profile should be to find a life companion and not to be pitiful. “I was always seeking true love but never succeed. Hope I make it this time”, “I’ve faced a lot of hardships in the last 15 years and up for yet another challenge” – sentence like these on your profile would portray a negative vibe and the other person wouldn’t want to get into a relationship with someone that is already depressed.

Dating after the age of 40 is a difficult task to accomplish. It is important that you don’t make it further complicated by sabotaging your prospects of finding a companion. Your profile on a dating site is your identity in the virtual world, which shouldn’t be tarnished.