Be Honest When Writing Your 40 Plus Dating Profile Online

online 40+ romance

love should be honest.

Does this really need to be said? Honesty is the best thing to have when in the dating game. It is already hard enough when you are dating over 40 just to find another person. Yet if you find the person you want to be with why lie to them? Would you not want the same respect from that person?

Lies will only hurt a relationship. When you are setting up your profile on dating site you want the people looking at it to get a taste of the real you. Lying to make yourself something that you are not will only end in tragedy when the truth comes out and the relationship is broken. On dating sites for singles over 40, you cannot really lie about your age. It is kind of self-explanatory that you are an older person looking for love. But to lie about things that you like or about your relationship status is just ridiculous. If you are married and on dating sites well then that is just called cheating unless you and the spouse have agreed to see other people.

Using another person’s picture as your own is another way of lying in a situation where honesty is your best bet. How is it going to look when you finally meet the person and you look nothing like the person in the picture? Or are you going to keep a long distance relationship with them and never meet them? How can you call that a relationship? It is merely a fictitious love story that you have made in which the other person falls in love with someone who is the not the one in the picture. It is unfair to person you have duped.

Letting a person in can hurt you but isn’t that what a relationship is supposed to do? Opening yourself up to the possibility of being hurt by another but trusting in them enough that they won’t hurt you. Trust is one of the foundations for a loving and true relationship. Lies will only damage the trust till it is finally broken and the relationship reaches its breaking point and finally ends. All I can say is do not lie. Answer every question in a profile honestly and fully. Let the real you shine and enjoy your 40 plus dating.