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Over View

If you’re over 40 and in the dating scene, you may wonder where all the single people over 40 are hanging out. Perhaps you’ve been out of the dating game for a long time or you’ve had a few bad dates lately. You may even have children, and being a single parent can sometimes make dating challenging.

If you have been out of the dating game for a while, things move at much faster pace now. From the price of a drink to the sharing of contacts, everything is a bit less familiar. Technology and the rise of the internet have also made the dating scene unrecognizable in some aspects.

In fact,academic courses could be carried out for people above 40 trying to date, complete with classes on jargon busting, internet etiquette and privacy protection. Some colleges may already be providing them right now, for all we know.

The fact is that none of this is exaggerated. Dating for people above 40 has never been easy, but times are changing. We fall in love, divorce, remain sexually active, and stay healthy longer in life. The middle-aged population is plentiful and so is the population of single men end women over 40. Although they might feel overlooked by many markets who try to focus on the younger generation, they cannot ignore them for long. It just doesn’t make economic sense.

Dating sites are a big indicator of this trend. The same technology that has altered the dating scene can also help you in finding your next date or even soulmate. But with so many sites promising so much, which site do you choose?

Introduction is one the biggest and top rated online dating websites that caters to the middle aged.  It’s probably going to be the first name that comes up when you look up online dating for 40 plus singles.  It was started way back in in 1995- that is 22 years ago. It is one of the oldest online dating sites and with over 20 million registered users in over 22 countries, it’s also one of the largest online dating services.

You may think that most of these members are younger people. Surprisingly, of the 6 million users in America, 50% of their members are 30-49 years old and 26.5% are above the age of 50. Such a large dating pool means that there is someone for everyone.

Advanced Search and Matching Algorithm

Finding the perfect person for you from such a huge pool is a different game altogether. tackles this problem in multiple ways. They have a well-structured search function that understands the needs of its users and is endlessly customizable. In fact, its list of search parameters is longer than any other comparable site. If you take the time to choose your preferences properly, while creating your profile by filing their (extensive yet not intimidating) profile sheets, the site automatically gives results that are relevant to you. You can even refine this further by adding keywords and selecting parameters from the lifestyle and background/values section. Your chosen parameters are always visible and can be changed anytime. You can even save your chosen search parameters so that you don’t have to do this every time you change your preferences. This gives a lot of flexibility and convenience giving you a lot of time to play around if you have the time. They’ll even send you matches by email for at most three sets of your chosen filters.

Now this may sound a bit confusing. More options are not always a good thing. covers you on this front too. They can provide you with a set of “Daily Matches”, an algorithm based on your preferences, behavior on the site and search pattern. You then refine those matches by rating the matches. This makes the next set of matches even better suited to your preferences. An option called “Reverse Matching” shows you users whose requirements match your description. Another option called “Mutual Match” shows users whose description matches closest to what you are looking for. This unprecedented customizable creates immense flexibility.

Do you consider yourself old fashioned and prefer just winging it?  You can search on the basis of location and online availability. For people who think that most people are only interested in casual relationships, such a large amount of flexibility should be a good sign.

In all, this site is extremely tech savvy and innovative. And their system has been tested endlessly and supported by a large number of people. This is why this system is still able to provide matches with millions of users. No wonder they are so well known.

Great Value

And what’s more, all this is included in the standard membership which is free. One thing missing from the free version though is the messaging options. Free members can only send winks- much like likes. A paid membership comes down to $42.99 a month (for the one month option), $26.99 (for the $71.97 three month option) and $20.99 (for the $125.94 twelve month option) gets you a bevy of options to communicate with others like direct messaging, email and an option to call matches while keeping your number hidden. The paid nature of the membership and the slightly higher prices attract a crowd that is serious in their pursuit and presents good value.

It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing site,but you won’t really hear many complaints about that. It works and that’s what matters. This site ran a campaign recently where they boasted of converting more second dates than any other site. They also employ encryption to protect sensitive information and scrutinizes all members before activation. Filters are also in place to screen out offensive language and images.

In Conclusion

To make the most out of, fill the profile sheet religiously and be an active user, as this sends your profile on the top of matches. Also, post some great pictures of yourself, as there is no limit. If you don’t like looking at the younger people on the site, you can hide them by creating a simple filter. The site provides a plethora of options to find you a match and is a great option for anyone looking for long-lasting love.

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