Most Popular Over 40 Singles on 16th, April

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over 40 beautiful woman

Username: christianaUSA 

Age: 47, Site: Match

City: Malibu, CA, U.S

Seeking: Man, 48 to 59




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About Her: I am a real person, not a stolen profile. Most of my photos are within the past year or two.

I workout 5+ days per week at the gym doing cardio, weights and occasional yoga class (but not a hippie). I have have always eaten healthy (mostly organic) and drink plenty of water.

Slim, fit, take my vitamins. I am in excellent health, no bad habits or drugs, in any form. I brush, floss and have my own teeth, no drinking or weight. issues, high credit score. I pay off my one credit card every month. Have a nice, clean home. Not a flake nor am I in need of a green card. Born in Seattle,not a L.A woman, no injections, Botox or breast implants, 100% organic. Not a vegetarian. I enjoy cooking all types of food.

I am more than willing to re-locate for the right man. I live in Seattle, I will explain better if we talk. Please note that I am looking for a man that wants a solid (real) relationship. I hope to find a very special man to hopefully spend the rest of my life with.

About Her Match: 

Looking for quality. I am hoping to meet an amazing man, he must genuinely care about others, be honest, loving, excellent manners, ambitious, honest and successful. If you have children, I promise to be kind and good to them as I am with my own.

NOTE: Truly be single, not interested in guys that still visit the x-girlfriend, or the whatever. I am not a party girl. I am not going to be interested in you if you are a heavy drinker and /or hang out at bars.

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Username: element2015

Age: 49, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe)

Seeking: Woman, 40 to 55

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About Him:

No people without flaws, but always ready to help, learn and share experience and knowledge. Spirited but sometimes romantic. My friends find me patient, determined and reliable. However, all of us have different attitudes. Maybe you‘ll find more qualities, or that particular one, in me you’ve been looking for long. Just grab it…

About His Match:

Sincere communication, trust and shared interests seem to me a substantial part of fostering a harmonious and long-standing relationship. So, if you enjoy music, like different sports, are engaged in exploring different cultures, welcome new challenges and willing to accept and treat me as I am, I‘m sure it‘s worth trying to build something new and positive.

40 plus woman

Username: Valencia2021

Age: 41, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Kingwood, TX, U.S

Seeking: Man, 40 to 56

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About Her:

I am friendly and easy going. If you find a way to make my laugh you’ll learn I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy reading, working out, hiking, the movies, and traveling ( I am from a far away land, up to you to guess where.

About Her Match:

I am looking for someone intelligent, sophisticated and successful, that knows how to appreciate the good things in life.

I’d prefer to find a friend who is in shape and is physically active, as I am. Nothing spells romance better than hiking in the wild.

single woman over 40

Username: Smileandheart

Age: 42, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Bogart, GA, U.S

Seeking: Man. 37 to 59

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About Her: Confident, outgoing, positive woman with a love for life and people. Enjoys the outdoors, and travel and a major foodie that gets great pleasure out of exploring new places and fabulous food and wine…

I have four beautiful girls that are 9, 13, 16, and 19 that are my world… and I am looking to move from our lake home to where my work is in Athens. I am an airbrush makeup artist and hair stylist and have a spray tan business there on sorority row. I do not want to move the girls any farther from school there and family nearby… I do however have the ability to get away when they are with their dad 1/2 the time as visitation is equal now although I have custody… This may cause an issue due to location but my babies come first always…

I am looking to settle down and fill the void that is missing in family… I love God and have a passion for life and people and a huge heart that still believes in fairy tales…
I am just as happy playing in the mud as I am on the red carpet and love to laugh and have fun just about anywhere.

About Her Match: My ideal match would be have the same passion for people and life and be a positive, uplifting person that enjoys the same travel and food likes as myself..
One that takes care of themselves is a major plus.



Username: MovementIsLife

Age: 41, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Santa Monica, CA, U.S

Seeking: Woman, 27 to 40

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About Him: 

Hi. I have recently moved from the desert to the ocean, and am excited about what the universe may bring. I am, in no particular order, a successful entrepreneur, yogi, world traveler, photographer, and avid backpacker.

I love life. I am grateful for the limitless possibilities we all have on this earth. In our time here, there are no dreams too big. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve trekked with mountain gorillas in the forest canopy of the Congo. Traversed glaciers in the blistering winds of Patagonia. Scuba dived with manta rays under the Pacific moonlight. I’ve run 160 miles in the sands of the Sahara. And drove 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia. With each experience came heaps of gratitude, and admittedly, a thirst for more. Never Stop Exploring. Impossible is Nothing. Just Just Do It. Some advertising company got paid big bucks for those nine words. But they’re not only good for selling gear; they are words to live by.

I want to trek between temples in the Himalayas. Soak in the hot springs of Iceland. Do yoga on the beaches of Bali. Sing cheesy 80’s songs while I strum my guitar. Take a leisurely bike ride to nowhere. Sit and chat in a hillside cafe. Eat a half dozen cupcakes for no reason. Be as free as the wind. I want to do it all, with you.

I am spontaneous without being reckless. Free spirited without being flaky. I have a calm energy. I’m happy, dependable and responsible. I spend my days on the mountains, on the beach, on the mat, and in my home. I am mindful of how I treat others and how I am treated. I don’t have a master plan for life. I don’t know how the story goes. I accept what the universe has in store.

I don’t seek material things, I cherish experiences. Let’s explore this world together and make the most out of life.

About His Match: 

I’m looking for her. She has been quite elusive, to say the least. I have not seen her, but like Bigfoot, I know she exists. Who is she? Ideally, an adventurous spirit, a positive attitude, a heart of gold, a thinker, a dreamer, generosity, modesty, patience, creativity, passion. Possibly… you. Most importantly, I am looking for a connection. If we have that, everything else is optional. If you like what you read, I want to talk to you. I click very well with people with similar lifestyles, personalities and belief systems. If nothing else, we’ll have a great time and become friends.

Holla if you hear me.