Should I Date Over 40?

should i date?At the best of times, dating can be a hassle. All you want is to find a great person to spend at least part of your life with. It doesn’t even have to involve marriage—it’s just fun having a companion for events, or to sit with at meals. Plays, concerts, and movies are funner with a partner. And there’s always that romantic side of things that is nice too. But even if you put two single people in the room together, they may not hit it off. And it seems worse when you’re over 40.

Most people who are ready for dating after 40 usually have had a relationship break up. They may have been married, or at least been with a partner for several years. Not only can it be difficult to get back to dating but you’re also older. If you haven’t dated for a couple of decades it can become even more awkward, as surely the rules have changed?

Fortunately, it is possible to date, no matter what age you are. You hear instances of people getting married in their 80s and 90s. Being 90 is like the new 70. People live longer, and they want someone to share their lives with. Mature dating over 40 may make one nervous, but it’s certainly possible.

While technically there may be fewer people to date when you’re searching for over 40 singles, these people may be more mature. They’re already established in their careers. Best of all, most people have a bit of money, so you won’t have to deal with the “I can’t go out tonight, I’m broke” sort of situations you encountered when you were a teenager.

Most mature people over 40 have already had their kids, and they’re done. The kids may be grown up and away from home. Kids can unfortunately be a negative aspect when you’re trying to find someone to date, as they don’t want to date someone who already has young kids, but now that you’re older this is a non-issue—their kids have left home.

dating after 40Many people who are thinking of dating over 40 may be concerned that people are set in their ways. It may be more difficult to find a compatible partner. Yet, this can be a positive too. Perhaps you’ve been a vegetarian for years, and you have the chance to meet other vegetarians. When people are in their teens or 20s they may dabble with their lifestyle, but by the time they are in their 40s, they’re sticking to their ethics and morals.

Don’t be worried about dating after 40, because the challenge is the same for people of any age. You want to meet new people, go on dates, perhaps repeat some dates with the most interesting people. After a time you may wish to declare that special someone your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Mature dating can be a fun and exciting experience. Give it a try and soon you could have a date for that special occasion ahead.

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