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single lady over 40

Username: LiteraryCowgirl

Age: 45, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Dallas, TX, U.S

Seeking: Man, 40 to 60


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About Her: 

I love a good book, spending time outside and a man with a great sense of humor. I am a New York City native but Southern gentleman who still love their mammas warm my heart. Communication, motivation and attraction are a must. Take me hiking, camping, trail riding, for a quiet dinner and I am happy. I am the, All Around Girl; drama free, quick on my feet, get along great with my ex. I’m comfortable in boots, heels or barefoot (dress me up, I sparkle; dress me down, I’m the girl next door)… My children are my heroes. I love my dogs. I’m happiest on horseback, at the barn, volunteering my time, hanging out at the gym, cuddling, playing with my kids, at the beach, in a cozy cabin in the mountains or with my nose in a book.

About Her Match: 

“All language is but a poor translation.”

I love honesty. I appreciate a well educated, nonarcissistic, rugged man who’s not afraid of the gym, not afraid to admit when he’s wrong and who can appreciate the taste of a good wine. I know who I am, what I want and appreciate a man who does too. Please don’t contact me if you feel the need to hide a wife, use somebody else’s photos (awkward), have a live-in girlfriend, have not learned from your past mistakes nor moved on; if you enjoy drama, head games or feel the need to control everything around you; if you have have had a recent sex change (not a fun surprise, believe me), take your photos in your car, with your car (is it part of your family?), in your wifebeater (or were a wife beater for that matter) with your cell phone, nor in your bathroom mirror (get some friends, lol). Stalkers need not apply please, especially if you are posing as a lesbian love interest BUT really are some sicko jaded love interest of my EX’s. I’m not into you… TRUST ME. My life is exciting enough as it is ;)! Yes, I have a very dry, sometimes warped sense of humor. Please be able to laugh, a lot if need be.

over 40 single woman


Username: sexyconfidante

Age: 44, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Folsom, CA, U.S

Seeking: Man, 39 to 59

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About Her:

I am a kind-hearted, deeply honest and loving woman that enjoys life and I love that my work allows me to travel the world and help people. I am very fit and active and having a healthy lifestyle is important to me. I am a highly productive person that also enjoys my down time and I am looking for someone amazing to share my life with. I love what a great connection can bring to two people and I am looking to empower and inspire one another to live our dreams and achieve personal and professional greatness together. I am confident and independent and do not play games. I am looking for the same.

About Her Match:

I want a man that knows what he wants and goes after it. A man that loves life, and is making a profound contribution in the world. A man that takes care of his health, his mind and his body. He must be physically strong and want to protect me above all else. A passionate, honest, loving, and light-hearted man who still believes in Chivalry. A man that enjoys playful flirting, affection, and romance no matter how long we have been together. Someone that stimulates me both physically and intellectually. A man that enjoys the finer things in life and wants to share that with me. A man that can be present in the moment, whether he is running a global company, or relaxing with me on the couch watching a movie. Disciplined when needed, but someone that can be spontaneous. A man that wants to open himself up to someone that will always respect, honor and guide him towards success and happiness.

single 40+

Username: Grace2015

Age: 42, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

Seeking: Man, 35 to 52

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About Her:

I am a sweet, happy, truth-worthy and balanced class Lady with great sense of humour. Multilingual/West Europe. (english german french).

Very sporty & athletic, creative, genuine, generous, authentic, warm hearted, caring, spiritual, soft & strong. Rather a Giver than taker.

Worked as expatriate/senior Management on 4 continents. Well travelled and educated. No kids. Unattached. Willing to relocate for My Prince anywhere in the world.

Living & working since 7 years in UAE / Dubai and just recently free to relocate as I completed my last expatriate assignment in the region.

I am a firm believer that if you have a strong desire to attract the most precious gift – “mutual true Love” – it will manifest some day. Patience required. My dream is to finally settle down with my adorable man any where in the world.

I offer my friendship, stimulating conversations, sweet passion, understanding, support, sensitivity and substance.

About Her Match:

I am seeking mutual strong chemistry – call it Fascination ! – combined with a deep soul connection and friendship.

You are handsome/sporty/athletic and you feel great about yourself.

I am looking for a handsome, strong / grounded, intelligent man, who has got a soft spot and can express his feelings. You like the outdoors as much as you appreciate spending cozy moments together at a peaceful & beautiful home. You like to make new friends and explore new ideas together.

I adore and support a successful man, who is a natural leader and shares his care and affection for me. You are spontaneous. You welcome the ‘new & fresh’ and you love to share a variety of activities with your lady. You are honest, optimistic, sensual, passionate and faithful. You love travelling and discovering new places and cultures together. You learnt in our life: to try to change each other won’t lead to bliss. – Rather respect and appreciate each others ‘differences’ as this are the roots of chemistry.

over 40 single man

Username: potbaron

Age: 48, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: South Lake Tahoe, CA, U.S

Seeking: Woman. 34 to 44

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About Him:


Just so you know, I am the real deal. Unlike 99% of the other men on this site, I have a perfect driving record, zero debts and I am so squeaky clean that I always breeze through TSA PreCheck without removing my shoes or opening any bags.

Most of my Tahoe friends know me as a ski bum and someone who is most likely to be on the first chair up on a powder day. Others know me as the guy who helped write California’s medical cannabis law. However, I am also the founder and chairman of a publicly traded company that does branding and licensing of cannabis products. It has been just over a year since I founded the company and our market cap has skyrocketed to $125 million.

I own a house just two miles from the California base lodge at Heavenly, the largest ski resort in the US. I’m also just a few blocks from the pristine waters and beaches of Lake Tahoe. I also have a secluded villa with a pool and stunning ocean view, on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

So why am I single? It’s not because of any bad behavior on my part. Even my ex wife will tell you I am a good person. The problem is that I seem to be too free and too adventurous for most ladies. For example, my involvement with cannabis, even though 100% legal, still freaks out many women. And the fact that I personally consume copious amounts of cannabis doesn’t go over well either. Surely there is a woman out there who appreciates that I have access to the best strains on the planet. My friends say I just haven’t met the right woman yet.

All my photos have been taken within the past two years and none have been retouched. Only the photos of me flying a jet are old. I have spent many years researching effective alternatives for drastically slowing the aging process, for which I have been paid handsomely. I am currently in perfect health, with 20/20 vision and a blood pressure of 120/70, so I am living proof that my theories and practices work.

About His Match:

Do you ski or ride? I’d love to share some quality time, here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, with the right lady. I try not to have any preconceived ideas about who I’m looking for, but intelligence, honesty, and a serious addiction to skiing are certainly at the top of my list. I know some women will fault me for liking younger women, but because of my involvement with legal cannabis, I find younger women have a much more positive view of my work.

If you share my passion for skiing in the winter, beaching it and sailing the Caribbean in the summer, and living a natural lifestyle, please let me know you’re interested. If you are ready to make your dreams start happening now, let’s get to know each other a little better and then I’ll book first class accommodation at Heavenly Resort and send you tickets to fly here.

40+ divorced man


Username: ThatsBS

Age: 44, Site: SeniorMatch

City: Metairie, LA, U.S

Seeking: Woman, 40 to 59

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About Him: 

I am getting kicked out of a passionless 14 year marriage and am wondering if their is life after marriage. I’m working on getting my mind and body in shape and would enjoy the company and encouragement of a companion willing to guide and walk with me down this road off the beaten path. I seek unbridled passion, romance, lots of laughter, sensuality, a witty mind and random acts of kindness. Now of course, I enjoy somebody who can be a smart ass, somebody who appreciates dark humor, oh these things are so hard to write! If you want to know, please just ask. I’m very friendly and I love a good conversation. Really! I don’t bite. Right now I’m dying to say something with some kind of witty sexual innuendo. But I will refrain.

About His Match: 

Oh I didn’t see this box and now I have to write something in it. Well, I pretty much explained that in the box above. Be open minded and believe that the universe is big enough that maybe anything really is possible.


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