The Most Popular Singles Over 40 in August

Here are the most popular newly joined members in August.


woman over 40

Username: Epicjourney 

Age: 42, Site: SeniorMatch

City: Houston, TX, U.S

Seeking: Man, 41 to 53


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About Her: 

“The purpose of relationship is not to have another who might complete you,
but to have another with whom you might share your completeness”
~ Neale Donald Walsch
About me:

I am a very passionate, caring, and loving lady who is ready for a new journey in life. I strongly believe in family values and being compassionate and considerate to everyone, especially animals (the furry ones! ;-p). I am very young at heart and I am ALWAYS told by everyone that I do not look old enough to have 20 & 23-year-old kiddos.

What else? Well, I absolutely love the outdoors, this includes the woods, lake(s), and the beach, preferably the beach! I love to travel and just renewed my passport…so, I am ready to go!! 🙂 I am educated and possibly a bit nerdy, you would have to decide on the nerdy part, but I love to learn and I am fascinated by so much in this amazing life.

Also, I am very down to earth and laid back, which means…DRAMA FREE!! Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff…so, I don’t. I am comfortable in any environment, I can go from jeans/T-shirt/Baseball hat to gown and gala event(s) with no problem…I’m good like that! Lol. 😉

As for a career, I am a licensed Realtor in Texas and currently in Graduate school for speech-language pathology. My schedule, outside of school is extremely flexible! Which means, time for fun and travel! 🙂

Additionally, I am often asked the same question by men…”How are you still single”? I don’t know if that is a good question or not…lol. So, if we ever meet and you happen to wonder the same thing, here is my response;

I am very picky and refuse to settle, I know who and what will and will not work for me. I am very confident and secure in myself with no desire nor need to play games.

So, there you have it…lol! Now, off to write about my match/friend. 🙂

About Her Match: 

About you…

You are absolutely wonderful!! 😀

Okay, to elaborate. You are healthy and youthful inside and out. You take pride in your appearance and the environment you spend your time (home, auto, office, etc.). You are adventurous, spontaneous, and full of surprises (good ones…like, honey get your bag, we’re taking off for the weekend). You care about animals and people (kind-hearted). But, you can take care of business and handle your shi* kind of man! Lol.

You like to take care of your lady and your lady likes to take care of you kind of guy. So, yes…I like to spoil and be spoiled!!! You have a true respect for women and are a gentleman. You are not intimidated by a strong and confident woman, you value and embrace her strength/confidence. Also, you like to take care of your body (exercise/wellness).

Most importantly, you are in search of your lady love and ready to take it all the way for the right woman…meaning marriage. I don’t expect nor desire anything overnight…I’m a realistic person and believe that a strong friendship should first be established with an openness toward a romantic development. I am looking for my best friend, a partner in crime for a wonderful, fun, sexy, sensual, adventurous, deeply connected relationship.

So, if you feel this is you and think we might be a match, please send me a note and I will respond to you as soon as possible. If not, then I wish you well in your search and lots of love, joy, and happiness! 🙂

P.S. Please have more than one picture of yourself posted on your profile. If this is something you cannot do, I understand and kindly ask you NOT to contact me until you have pictures posted. Thanks! 🙂

mature single man


Username: fed111r 

Age: 49, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: San Diego, CA, U.S

Seeking: Woman, 21 to 38

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About Him:

Successful, high energy, well educated guy that knows how to have fun. I work hard, play hard, and take time to relax. I moved to San Diego from the east coast about 7 years ago – love it here!! I am open minded and adventurous, ask me anything. and I like friends that will also try anything. If you got what it takes to keep up… I want to hear from you!

I am very health and fitness oriented. I enjoy working out, healthy lifestyle, sports like cycling, speed skating. I am very active with sports cars and formula car racing. I can also say that I am a bit eccentric… I prefer goats over dogs, espresso snob, I’m not into the whole high life, luxury thing at all. I am more of hands on, simpler living, learn how to build it myself kind of person. My interest are diverse and my attitude towards life is very self confidant and non-conservative, I am ambitious and peaceful. I enjoying sharing time with wonderful friends and having exciting edgy experiences.

I like to have simply relaxing times too as much as going out, love to cook, glass of wine, music and art (I like to paint, mostly impressionistic and abstract) Some of my Do?s would be; work outs, relaxing in the hot tub, philosophy, anything fast.., art. And some of the do not?s; red meat, beer, mean or flaky/fake people, being “traditional” (I’m not good at that!). I am full of amazing life experiences, curiosity, and confidence, laid back, calm, comfortable and fun.

Please stop reading and hit reply, then we can talk more!

About His Match:

Like most people, I prefer someone that shares some attributes such as health and fitness, ambitious, self confidant, successful, fun, happy attitude, adventurous, easy going, open minded, and active. Generally I date women younger than me, I just find we have more in common as I have never been married, do not have kids, and can be a little on the wild side at times.

mature single woman

Username: spectra8fr 

Age: 47, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Ile-de-France, France

Seeking: Man, 38 to 65

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About Her:

I’m a French woman who loves a challenge and the finer things in life. I’m a wine connoisseur, avid traveler, love driving, discovering new places, light talks, deep talks, art, music, beauty… I like to stay fit and eat healthy.

I’m hedonistic, confident, passionate, positive, sophisticated, reliable, loving and selective. Also a bit unconventional.

I am looking to share blissful moments, travel destinations and exciting endeavors with the right partner. I know pretty much what I’m looking for and won’t settle for ‘average’.

I live in France between Normandy and Paris and love to go on short trips to exciting European cities or islands as often as possible. We could meet in Paris, Cologne, Munich, Monaco, Mallorca, Vienna, London, Brussels…

About Her Match:

You are well-educated, smart, fit and have dashing looks (including full hair); You are German or Austrian, love to travel and enjoy life with all senses.

You are willing to meet in real life at some point if we both feel some kind of chemistry online. You are not looking for a one-night adventure and you are ready to allow feelings.

The idea of your dashing away with me through Burgundy on an exquisite wine-tasting journey appeals to you, even remotely.

man over 40

Username: ocguy37 

Age: 43, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Clearwater, FL, U.S

Seeking: Woman. 21 to 44

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About Him:

I am Athletic,nice,like to have good time, Love to read,working out,basketball,football,trading stocks! I love dogs and all nice animals. I love fitness and working out. I love going to sporting events and hanging out at high end lounges and restaurants. I am a true go-getter as I came from absolute nothing! MY LIFE totally changed in 1999. I was living on my moms couch and was finally given a chance by a company to succeed. After a year there I opened the exact same company and took most of their employees with me. I own a real estate investment company in Arizona and Florida , 4 call centers and I am an expert of all arbitrage trading techniques on the NYSE including corporate, munis and zero coupon debt. If you want to know more about me don’t be shy I am super ez to talk to. I love to have a good time and don’t really have an enemy in the world. I just became single again as of Oct 2014 so hopefully that wont last long.. If I didn’t respond to you in the last year that’s prob why..

About His Match:

Must love life and be easy to get along with. Must be in above average shape too. You don’t have to be Miss America but atleast take care of your body.. Personable and funny a plus!! Success orientated is also a must!! Also must have a positive outlook on life. I cannot stand negative people. I hate long distance relationships as well. You must live in the state of Florida for me to respond to you or on your way down here to live.

lady over 40


Username: CaseyLady 

Age: 47, Site: MillionaireMatch

City: Austin, TX, U.S

Seeking: Man, 48 to 65

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About Her:

Quick FYI: I live in Austin but visit Dallas & Houston monthly. Can travel out of state but only after our first date on my home turf (TX, preferably Austin). Willing to relocate, especially to the west coast.

I’m 47 but look 37, a natural strawberry-blonde with a firm/toned physique. I swim, do yoga, and eat a healthy diet (no drugs, no smoking). I’m well-traveled and well-read, an independent spirit with a curious mind, and well-versed on many topics.

I have a day job I enjoy (as a lifestyle coach to a small number of dedicated longterm clients) but isn’t as lucrative as it once was. My main focus is launching a writing career and while I’ve had many small pieces published I’ve been working on a couple of books that will hopefully be on the shelves someday. I also write screenplays but it’s never been tougher to break out as a writer, so I basically work hard and hope for the best. At my age it’s a little disheartening, however, business aspects aside, I love and excel at the art and craft itself. There’s much fulfillment in that alone.

As a creative, I’ve led a rather unfettered & unconventional life but it’s had its challenges. As I get older, I want to enjoy exploring it with someone special, live life to the fullest emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I crave stimulating conversation & genuine intimacy. I miss being in love but would settle for compatible companionship. I adore luxury resorts & dressing up as much as curling up in bed all night with my lover & a movie (or just him). Fine dining or casual picnics, the ballet or hot funk in a sweaty dive bar. No skydiving, thanks (but I’ll meet you on the ground with a hot kiss & cold beer).

I’m open to all kinds of connections, from marriage to an intimate friendship but I value my time highly and expect my mate to as well (I mean that literally.) What I offer is from the heart, authentic and genuine in all respects. I am an incredibly affectionate & passionate woman.

About Her Match: 

I prefer mature gents (50+) who are successful and established, yet at a place in their life when they want to slow down and enjoy it. To me, success must be enjoyed and also used to benefit others and make the world a better place. I’ve spent a lot of time around workaholics and it saddens me (probably because I used to be one). I’ve found much balance in my 40s and serenity. if you have not yet, I shall help you find it. I do work long hours lately, but I’m balanced enough to know it’s untenable long term.

I’m not addicted to adrenaline, I crave productivity, but also playfulness and relaxation. I’m just missing someone to relax and play with. 😉

I don’t expect my date to understand me perfectly or even women in general. But if he tries, if he listens when I talk, and is also able to express himself well, we’ll do all right! A little empathy, a little wisdom. I’m not looking for perfection. Just someone who wants to be his best self. I work hard at being my best self so I need that in my mate. I think the best thing about relationships is when we inspire each other and bring out the best in each other.