How to Spot Fake Profiles When Over 40 Singles Dating Online

fake profiles

Fake Profile

While online dating has certainly made it very convenient for people to find their ideal match with just a few clicks of the mouse, it also exposes them to scammers and cheaters that are waiting with bated breath to exploit you both emotionally as well as financially. This is why, it is important that you take all the necessary precautions before choosing someone as your potential life companion.

Here are a few tips that singles over 40 can follow in order to determine whether or not the person whom they have met on a dating site is genuine:

  • Their pictures are deceptive: People that maintain fake profiles, usually post scantily dressed pictures in compromising poses. Users that are really interested in dating would put up photos in normal surroundings. In order to confirm this, you could take the picture and search for it online. In case it generates some results, you know what to do.
  • Grammar: Not only are the users fake but also theses dating sites. You can determine the genuineness of a website by judging the grammar and spellings. This might sound a little discriminatory, but studies have shown that fake profiles have one thing in common – terrible use of the English language. So, before you give out your personal details to anyone on the 40+ dating website, check their vocabulary.
  • Their questioning pattern: Keep a close eye on the kind of questions they ask. This would give you a better idea of their actual intentions. If they’re more concerned about the car you drive or the mobile phone you’re using, take that as a red flag. A 40 plus single who is genuinely interested in you would ask details about your hobbies and interests and not finances.
  • They would hesitate from meeting you in person: Given that every piece of information including their picture isn’t real, they would certainly avoid meeting you or having a video chat. If they tell you that they don’t have a web cam or that they are occupied with work, it only means that they are avoiding you. The next possible move would be ignoring or blocking you.

The over 40 dating segment is the fastest growing niche in the online dating industry. Given the fact that most over 40 singles are reasonably rich and are desperate to find a companion, it turns out they are the most vulnerable section in this industry.

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