Warning for 40s Singles: Don’t Be Serious When Dating the Younger

date a milfMeeting partner at the age of 40 can be excruciating.  By this time, there will be a lot of changes on the date you are going out with.  You are no longer meeting random guys or women at the bars or at work.  But do you know that people today are trying the more popular ways of dating after 40?  Online dating sites are not only for the younger age but based on statistics men and women at the age of 40 .

While there is a chance that mature women like you will be meeting someone that is also dating after 40, there is also a probability that you will be meeting a younger man.  In meeting a younger date, you have to be cautious as not all of them are serious about dating.  There are also instances where you have to figure out if the numbers do matter.

Does Age Matter?

Answer: yes and no.  Age gap doesn’t matter to people who are older.  A 10-year gap on the people ages 65 and above is no longer a big deal.  People at the older age bracket couldn’t care less if they only have a small gap.  A primary reason why age does matter during the younger age is because of the legal issues. The age of minority differs with each state, so you have to watch out when dating younger men.  Dating sugar baby can charge you with statutory rape.  If you are still keen on pursuing a date with a younger man, you may want to avoid having sex.  To avoid troubles, you may want to go out on a group date and spend your time in a bowling alley, a movie or going out on a dinner with friends.  Remember that sending naked photos and sexting can also end up in a legal battle.

Are they serious about the relationship?

Mature women have to be cautious in dating younger men.  You must always remember that younger people are not for keeps.  They will easily jump into a new MILF relationship the moment that it interests them.  They have larger selection, and you have less. Also when dating a sugar baby, remember that they are spoiled, and mature women like you are reserved.

Falling in love is like a game.  You should play the game and remember the rules of dating after 40.  Be in control of the relationship. Your experience on your past relationships should’ve taught you well.  Deal with the sugar baby with class.

men over 40 dating younger womenIn the end if you still want to pursue a relationship with a sugar baby then you should be honest with your partner all the time.  Remember that as you age the requirements you are looking for a partner piles up.  Before you were just searching for a good looking person, tall, responsible, etc, now at the age of 40 you are still looking for the same quality but they also have to be honest, financially established, family-centered, and other qualities that can make them a perfect future partner.